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An Inspiring Event News Report on the Award Ceremony of JTRH 2017 International Students Smart Phone Photo Contest

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  An Inspiring Event

  News Report on the Award Ceremony of JTRH 2017 International Students Smart Phone Photo Contest



  On an autumn afternoon when trees are flaunting their various shades of yellow in the sun against the backdrop of blue sky,the award ceremony of the JTRH 2017 International Students Smart Phone Photo Contest was held at the Time Art Saloon in 798,the art district in the ancient capital.

  To mark the successful conclusion of the Photo Contest, the event provides a great opportunity of fostering communications and promoting collaborations between JTRH and international students in China. It was an enjoyable gathering for everybody.

  Held at the time when the 19th CPC National Congress adjourned, the event adopts the new concept of “Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished”, put forth by Chinese President Xi Jinping, as a guiding principle.



  Approximately thirty international students from Indonesia, Thailand, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Egypt, the United States and South Korea attended the event. Miss Panar, a Kazakhstan top-prize winner, along with her roommate Egyptian student Ms.Yasmin, travelled from Tian Jin especially for the event. Among the students attending the event, some are contestants of the photo contest, some are supporters and online voters and some are new friends. All of them are either students of degree programs or enrolled in a Chinese language program, from Beihang University, Tianjin University of Technology, Beijing International Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Communication University of China, Ningbo University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, China Youth University for Political Sciences.

  According to Henri Cartier-Bresson, father of modern photography, "“I believe that, through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us.”



  Centered on the theme of “Celebrating Life in Beijing”, Beijing in My Eyes--the JTRH 2017 International Students Smart Phone Photo Contest is a unique and dynamic event which blends artistic creation, social significance and contemporary humanistic spirit. As the first Photo Contest of its kind, it features smart phone images to encourage participation, entry submission,voting online and selection of winners based on number of voted received.

  The 20-day photo contest has generated tremendous enthusiasm among the international students, recording 34 valid entries and accumulative votes. The images cover a wide range of subject matters including landscape, city events, daily life of the local people, and students’ activities, which are captured vividly and convey meaningful messages.



  Mr.Zhou Wenfeng, CEO of East-Juntai Information Technology Co. Ltd. and JTRH Athena International Ltd., delivers a key note speech. He points it out that the International students should strive for making the most of the opportunities and growth potentials presented in China while they are here. They shall stay true to their aspiration and commit themselves to building their future career by making all the necessary preparations now. He also suggests that they should work on three areas, namely, achieve Chinese proficiency, develop a deep understanding of the cultural differences shared by peoples of various ethnic backgrounds, make efforts to promote cooperation and exchange between countries and have a vision in pursuit of their goals in life. Zhou’s speech provided the students guidance and directions.

  Ms. Ayetgul Ablimit, VP of East-Juntai Information Technology Co. Ltd. and JTRH Athena International Ltd., shares its mission and gives an overview of the Study in China program and services provided by JTRH Athena International Ltd.. She presents award certificates to the two student ambassadors, Indonesian students Javier and Teresa for their contributions to the Study in China Program. The students take great interest in Study in China program, a one-stop services including school application and internship program offered by JTRH Athena International Ltd. Some even express desire to be student ambassador to help other students to come to study in China.





  At the invitation of the organizing committee of the event, two guest speakers attended the ceremony. Mr.Yang Wei, CEO of VR School offers the audience a fascinating glimpse into the VR sector, its evolution, application and trends. Mr.Dong Huaiyu, a graduate of Tshinghua University and a seasoned photographer, shares some practical tips on photo-taking while presenting a very dynamic collection of his photography works, which prepare them for the 2nd Juntai International Students Photo Contest. The students enjoy the lectures and them both educational and eye-opening.





  As part of the award ceremony, executives of Juntai and VIP guests present certificates and awards for winners of top-prize, 2nd prize, third prize as well as outstanding participant prize respectively. Further, some interactive games designed by the Juntai team members are played at the event. And the artistic ambience, music and delicious snacks all add a delightful touch to the event. Everybody has an enjoyable time.

  To sum up, the event provides a great opportunity for JTRH team and the international students to develop friendship, to promote communications and exchange of ideas and information, to inspire great thinking and goal-driven spirit and to lay a solid ground for future cooperation. According to the students attending the event, they have gained a lot from the event at various levels. They express their appreciation for the event and wish to attend more events like this organized by Juntai in the future.

  Autumn is a time for harvest. JTRH is committed to working together with international students to explore, to learn and help them to achieve both their professional and personal goals. We are resolved to “remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind.”

  Let us strive for a splendid and fruitful tomorrow!



  A subsidiary of East-Juntai Information Technology Co. Ltd., JTRH Athena International Ltd. devotes itself to providing top-quality one-stop services in its tailor-made Study-in-China program to students primarily from countries along the Belt and the Road. Noted for its professionalism, expertise and skillsets, the JTRH team has helped many international students to achieve their academic goals as well as personal goals by offering university application, study consultations and internship services. The team has successfully obtained scholarship for many students and facilitated their study in China. Further, the team has established sound rapport and cooperative relationship with international students in seminars on job interviews, internship placement, career consultation and document translation.

  To look ahead in 2018, the JTRH team is confident about the future development of the Study-in-China program and its one-stop services. We shall continue to be mission-driven and work together with international students to seek growth and reach goals.


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