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Accommodation reservation

basic information
Product description

  JTRH Accommodation Booking Service

  Qualified applicants can reserve university accommodations through JTRH Accommodation Booking Service System. This service mainly provides options of student dormitories. JTRH will also direct you to choose nearby hotels if you are not interested in living on campus.


  In case of insufficiency, we advise you to book accommodation once you receive the admission notice.

  Some universities do not accept room reservation and adopts the rule of “First come, first served”. So JTRH advises you to come early during the registration period.

  Reservation Procedure

  Step 1 Learning accommodation information

  Step 2 Completing application form online(点击此处需弹出预订住宿的表单)

  Step 3 Paying service fee

  Step 4 Receiving reservation notice

  Service Standard

  · Dorms will be reserved one working day after the form is submitted

  · The student will be informed by email once we receive the reservation notice

  · Reconfirmation will be made with the university before the student departs