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Pick-up Service

basic information
Product description


  JTRH Airport Pickup Service

  JTRH provides you with an easy journey from airport to university.

  When you arrive at the airport after thousands of miles of flying, you may have issues finding your way to your destination, not to mention if the taxi driver takes you to the wrong place because of the language barrier or you cannot find the registration place after your arrival.

  Now, JTRH Pickup Service will clear up all your worries. Our staff will meet you at the arrival area of airport, holding up a cardboard sign with YOUR NAME and JTRH LOGO on it. Additionally, we have registration service for students arriving in Beijing. All you have to do is to book a flight and let us know your arrival time.

  Arrival Procedure

  Step 1 Booking Airport Pickup Service预订接机服务(点击这一项需弹出预订表单)

  Step 2 Paying the fee

  Step 3 Getting picked up from the Airport

  Step 4 Completing School Registration (Only in Beijing)

  Service Standard

  Airport Pickup Service

  JTRH will confirm the arrival information with you one working day after your reservation.

  JTRH will reconfirm the arrival information three days ahead of your departure date.

  Register Service

  JTRH not only helps you complete the registration:

  Speaking both English and Chinese clearly and fluently, local JTRH staff will help you communicate with admission office personnel.

  Local JTRH staff will help you to register a local cell phone number and a bank account if necessary.

  Local JTRH staff will be very glad to get you familiar with the new environment. It would be easier for you to settle down with the direction of the locals. On campus, they will guide you to visit the teaching buildings and library. They will also show you where sports facilities are located. Moreover, they will lead you to the banks for money exchange and ATMs that accept international credit/debit cards, as well as recommended restaurants, popular bars and nightclubs nearby, supermarkets, laundries, post offices, pharmacies and the nearest subway stations.

  A SIM card for your cell phone for free, and we will show you where to buy and how to use Chinese cell phone recharge cards.